Transforming one language to another. At Godo langs Inc., it’s not just the language we translate. We also interpret the various values hidden behind each language.

Service Field

Professional Translation

We have created a diverse pool of translators in different fields/languages


We offer our translation services for manuals in a variety of fields ranging from the service industry to IT, automotive, aviation, and ships/vessels.


Website, Contents, News, Blog, Social Media Translation

WordPress, Html Editing

IT Technical Translation

Manuals, H/W, S/W, DB, Network, Web, Semiconductors, Communication/broadcasting equipment, Mobile phones, Computers, User manuals


Corporate promotion, Interviews, Documentaries, Movies, Animations, Game scenarios, Synopses, Broadcasting program scripts, Lectures and educational materials, Subtitles

Editing / DTP

We offer editing services so that our clients can use translated files right away.

Godo’s Competitive Edge

Sample Translations

We recognize that translation quality is an important criteria when clients select a translation company and as such, we offer sample translations.

Sample translations are offered free-of-charge before we proceed with the project.  For sample translations, at least two translators are selected to work on the samples for each language.

  • Allow our clients to choose the translator they prefer in terms of quality and writing style.
  • Also, we maintain the quality and style of subsequent projects by using the same translator who worked on the original project.

In addition to those who have majored in linguistics, we have translators from a variety of fields to ensure accurate translations for jargon/technical terms and field-specific terminologies.

  • We test translators to evaluate their translation skills
  • and competencies with a panel of high-quality evaluators
  • who have at least five years of experience in translating
  • for a variety of corporate clients in different fields

Editing Services

We offer editing services so that our clients can use translated files right away.

  • Edit target language files to ensure the format remainsas similar as possible to the original source language files
  • Convert PDF files to editable MS Office document files
  • Convert scanned documents, faxes, or books into editable MS Office files
  • Edit documents converted between Office applications

Format : MS Word/ Excel / Power Point / Hwp / html / asp/ php / jsp 

Indesign / Photoshop / Illustrator / Page Maker / Frame Maker 


Any issues are stored together in our in-house client information database.

  • We use the information stored in our database and hold meetings to solve issues on a weekly basis
  • We satisfy clients by adding suitable services and by offering various compensation methods
  • Even if the incumbent PM is unavailable and other PMs have to manage the project instead, we can prevent the same issue from recurring with our client database

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